Ventilators & PPE Project

Volunteers creating solutions against COVID 19

Video description of the SOS – Ventilator with David Roberts, Institute of Technology, Sligo.

A team of volunteers building ventilators in the fight against Covid19.

A team of engineers, scientists, designers and medical staff from Sligo University Hospital worked collectively on producing a prototype ventilator made from parts readily available including electrical components from computers and mechanical car parts.  The team of volunteers will begin production of the ventilators with targets of 10 per week in the event of growing needs during an emergency. More information to follow.

Face Visors

The Face-Visor project has now ended as front-line workers have now secured suppliers across the region.

Over a two month period, volunteers from IT Sligo, staff, researchers, PhD students and our Students Union, produced 12,000 face visors.

These face visors have been delivered directly to front-line workers across the North West, west and midlands of Ireland, helping to reduce the spread of Covid19 and save lives.

Should it be needed, we can and will re-establish production.

For more information on how you can make face-visors please visit: 

Other Projects

We are working on many other projects based on requests from healthcare professionals.

IT Sligo has produced over 1000 reagents for viral testing while supply lines were sourced.

We have also donated thousands of PPE gear from our labs to local hospitals and care homes.


“We are very grateful for the support of the team in IT Sligo in our efforts to deal with patients with suspected and confirmed COVID 19.

Grainne McCann Hospital Manager Sligo University Hospital


Volunteers from IT Sligo on RTE News.

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